Alien Songs/Desert Song-Tanya Rakh & Ndotono Waweru

desert song


when all of these

sandstorms are silent

and our ghosts

have lost all their names

I will live as silk around you

an opal under your oasis


bury me broken in open

wind, seismic and howling

our fractured songs cut

horizons through alien

dunes, centuries of ruins

a fatherless heart line


my nearest sun, it glows here

spins blue constellations,

a pulse between our

quicksilver hands, this

sweat and sulfur breathing


we drink almond dreams

and golden memories, ever

haunt these sharp, corroded

spires where we gladly

lose our souls

© 2019 Tanya Rakh and Ndotono Waweru

Tanya Rakh is a poet and author residing in Madison, Wisconsin. Her verse has appeared in journals including Danse MacabreYes, Poetry, and Bywords. Ndotono Waweru is a poet and author based in Boston, Massachusetts. His poetry is frequently featured in the journal Spillwords and is published in anthologies including In the Crosshairs and A Promise of Doves. Both have poetry guest featured in the new collection Used Wings by Tissy Taylor. Together they explore and chart Alien words by the residual glow of dreams and blinding antigravity. They are currently working on their first book of duets.


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