I am the Woman – Claire, from CK words and thoughts

I am the Woman
your Mother warned you about
my challenging energy
supposed to be subdued
instead of living my life
just winging it
defying rules and authority
more alive and kicking
than she ever even permitted herself
be good now and suck it up
don’t show your feelings
better yet
don’t feel what you feel
it will make us all uncomfortable
deep down you agreed
while seeds of doubt
took years and years
of admiration turning envious
of camaraderie turning bitter
like strangler figs suffocating
what was left of our connection
I may be the Woman
your Mother warned you about
but at least I will go on living
unapologetic and free

I’m a single mom from the Netherlands, with three kids and a lovely dog named Lola. I’m sensitive and curious and have a large inner world. Life wasn’t always easy, but I’m happy made it this far. Writing helps, a lot. CK words and thoughts is my page on Facebook, where I publish my writings.

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    We finish up the I Am the Woman series with Claire, from CK Words and thoughts


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