Originally published by the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

Rana Kelly/2nd star to the Left, straight on ’til morning
Oh, Amy
Whenever I go walking
In my stilettos,
I hear you talking.
Dream me up a way
Of swishing my hips
And pursing my lips
And singing your riffs
So that I find beauty
Like you.

lois e. linkens
she puts her black dress on
in the dark,
anxious nails red and messy
in their early-morning artistry.
he left the candle burning
in the winter window –
vanilla and cinnamon
on a Sunday evening,
tears and vodka
on a Monday morning.
last week’s relief
into tonight’s regrets,
but the shadowy smear
on the glass
is all that is left of him.

Aakriti Kuntal/Writings of Aakriti Kuntal
Rummaging through
black air,
nauseous red nails bearing oily seas
existence with conversations,
with glittering nail cutters,
cracked moons
laughing hysterically in them
of fallen boyfriends, of fallen love
Fallen being
the new being

Aurora Phoenix/Insight From Inside
She scrawls lines
up the back of her fishnet stockings
wiggly-lined intoxicated rebellion
strutting down memory lane
flirting shamelessly with self-destruction
as if, in seductive self-abasement
she may reclaim
love from a wayward lover
and from self

Kindra M. Austin/KINDRA M. AUSTIN
Kohl black kitty cat
Lines stiletto sharp
Tongue dipped in honey
Wine(house), oh, Amy
Slay me

Rachel Finch/Bruised But Not Broken
Night chimes, a ringing to remind her,
She can sleep the day away, but the dark
still draws the Soul from the body.
Stars reflecting off bottles, empty, their
contents alive in her throat.
She is midnight, waking the world.

Sarah Doughty/Heartstring Eulogies
I remember how you carried your beauty like body armor, letting the world see a smoke screen, that many didn’t notice. I remember seeing the sadness beneath those wings on your eyes, the way your mouth curled into a devilish smile. I remember seeing your hair down, with those curls that lasted for miles, and how much I wanted just a tiny piece of your beauty. Your essence. Even a little piece of your ability to hold the world in bated breath. I remember your courage to stand in front of a million people and hold them under your spell. But what I remember the most is how you wore your heart on the outside and how pieces of it were broken away and lost over time, exposing you. Like a nerve within a broken tooth, you tried to insulate, but nothing could fix what you’d already lost.

1WiseWoman/A Wise Woman Writes
Hiding in plain sight
Black song bird
Aching to be heard
Darker than the darkest shadows
Praying sacrificial hymns
Will carry away your demons
Hungry hearts rapture in melody
Enchanted with your euphony
An intentional symphony
Desperate on bended knee
Longing to be set free
Blood and wine
Cherry lipstick stains
Broken bottles
Crooked lines
Sing for us
One last time

Zelda Raville/A Sea of Illusions
Our biggest tragedy
was that
our love,
no matter
how much
there was of it
could never
draw you out
from a fatal attraction
to the depths
of your ferocious hunger
for love itself.

Christine E. Ray/Brave and Reckless
You shot across our heavens
a piercing silver whiskey light
your pain-soaked voice
etching a pin-up girl tattoo on our souls
We died a hundred times with you
Donning our mourning colors
we are left to only say goodbye with words
as your heartbreaking beauty
fades into black

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