I Am the Woman – Dom Mitchell

I’m the woman you’re mother warned you about
The one people wince at what may come out of my mouth
I say what I want even at your grandmothers house
I might even slouch on her couch
Peep my reflection and take a selfie with my tongue out
Yea that’s me.
The one she told you could never be a wife
Because I’m too obscene
Five foot nine, with half my height in my legs
Covered in ink, with clothes that compliment my curves
Your mom wants you with a tamable girl
Not one that makes her son beg
She only wants the BEST, I guess you’re her whole world
But I’m the girl with a past life
A girl who wasted all her twenties being lost in the fast life
Two kids with two daddies, with no desire to have more
no grand-babies for her
I bet your mom thinks Im a whore
She warned you about those baby mamas
She thinks my children diminish my worth
Well, I got news for that lady
I’m the wildest thing that’s ever happened to you, baby
I might not have the prettiest history
Those are all facts, that’s no mystery
But once you’ve had me life without me is misery
I’m the best left so its best you play it right
Before I leave you empty and let your mama tuck you in at night

Entering her 30s, Dom has had her share of battles. A survivor with many hats… if you will. Her blood and testimony dwells in her writing, and she shares it willingly. Dom is a single mother of two with a story to tell, that is still being written. You can find more of her writing on DOM THE BLOGGER


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