Lecherous Heart-Kasey Hill

The words slip from my bleeding tongue

As razors erase the pain and torment

That had settled deep within my bones

As I brought to light

In your painstaking presence

Your depravity and wickedness

Upon my fragile soul

But alas, my heart is no longer made of glass

It bears the coating of a diamond

That with one toss into your facade

It will leave scratches upon your windows

And shatter the glass house

Of your lecherous and hedonistic


Be ready to bleed

As my tongue dances alongside yours

And the falling shards rain down

Like a tempestuous lightning storm

Striking the ground here and there

Illuminating your demons

And setting me free in a blaze

Of iridescent fire

© 2019 Kasey Hill

Kasey Hill has lived in Franklin County, VA for most of her adult life. Spending two years in journalism in high school, and a few articles published in the Franklin News Post, she built much of her young adult life around reading and writing. After being from the craft for a few years, she decided to get back into the creative writing flow. She has several novels published, and many more stories circulating for anthologies as she pushes her passions forth into the writing community. Having published several poetry books and a nonfiction book about Wicca, she began her path of becoming an established author. You can find her works under her name and variations of her name ie K.H. and Kasey Thompson.

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  2. Kindra M. Austin says:

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