You vs Me-HLR

order vs chaos / reserved vs outspoken / clownfish vs moths / passive vs aggressive / general ignorance vs ubiquitous assimilation / patience vs impatience / football vs reading / fishing vs writing / laughter vs tears / gambling vs smoking / optimism vs pessimism-cynicism-realism / enough vs too much / red vs black / acceptance vs rejection / fine and dandy vs bad mad and sad / everything vs nothing / “I’m so in love with you” vs “But why?”

© 2019 HLR

HLR is a 20-something writer of creative non-fiction, mainly short prose and poetry. She writes about challenging subjects such as mental illness, addiction, suicide and grief with brutal honesty and sardonic British droll. Her gritty confessional style has been acquired through years of mental angst and too much time spent in the pub. HLR was born and raised in north London, and is yet to escape. A list of previous publications can be found here. Read more at Treacle Heart.

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