I Believe You. – Susan M. Conway

Susan M. Conway. Just damn.

Blood Into Ink

I Believe You

I Believe You.

When you say there are ghosts, when you say you’ve seen them. I have too, so we aren’t much too different, you and I.

When you said goodbye to a living person you’d die for is the cruelest fate.

When you say it is easier to hate…

I believe you.

I’ve had my moments, and to be transparent, I don’t miss those times.

The million spaces between breaths, the breaths that were split-second moments, and the moments that were eternities… The crushing weight of a beguiling incomplete sentence, an unreturned phone call, an unreturned I love you, the drowning…

Then, I didn’t think the chaos would ever end. And because I have done quite a bit of time in captivity, I feel I know a thing or two about letting things go.

I know how sacred the act of release is. I have spent a lifetime romanticizing…

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