coin on the soft tip of my tongue – Tianna G. Hansen

last night I danced with Death again
an infinite waltz of conflicting desires
She looked at me expectantly
with one hand outstretched
for the taking, an offering;
Seduction. I wanted to allow her
to wrap me in that death robe
cover my eyes and drop a coin
on the soft tip of my tongue.
Promise me the pain will vanish
and I will sway with you all night long
I will melt from this bone-riddled body
to become dust of the earth
to become something other
than this — endless.

Tianna G. Hansen has been writing her whole life. She founded and is Editor-in-Chief of Rhythm & Bones Press, a small press focused on the idea of healing through writing. She believes there is always something beautiful to be found in the darkest moments. Her work has been published widely in many forms; find it at, follow her on Facebook @tiannaghansen / Twitter @tiannag92 / Instagram @tgghansen24. “Undone, Still Whole” is her debut collection.

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    Welcome! 💜


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    Today we welcome Tianna to HL&M. This piece is fierce as hell. 🖤


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  5. So happy to have discovered your work. I’ll be back to read more – and then more!

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