What It Means To Be A Core Member of Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen

The editors of Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen are thrilled about the launch of the site and the quality of the writing that has already been published.  Many have asked us what it means to become a Core Member of the HL&M family.

Core members are expected to submit one previously unpublished piece by email every four weeks or so.  Core members can submit a little more often if they like or a little less often if life is crazy.  We will be publishing fierce poetry, prose, short fiction, and art.  We will consider essays if they really knock our socks off.

Core members are encouraged to include a suggested image with their writing submissions. Loosely,  the visual vibe of HL&M is Midsummer Night’s Dream meets the Brothers Grimm.  The editors reserve the right to suggest an alternative image if there are creative or technical concerns about the image provided.

We want all writers and artists submitting to HL&M to have fun with their submission!  We encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone, embrace their dark side, play with a new genre, feel free to experiment.

The editors will email you to let you know when your piece is scheduled to publish.

We ask that after your piece is published on HL&M that you reblog it on your own social media to help HL&M build a following.

We also ask that you check your posts on HL&M to see if there are reader comments. Please be kind enough to respond to all comments, if only to say ‘Thank you.’

In our experience, collective members who stop by often and engage with readers and other core members tend to get more back from the experience.

We would like HL&M to be a vibrant community that features many diverse writing voices.  Often, writers and artists don’t submit- not because of lack of interest but because they think their work won’t measure up.  We want all core HL&M members to feel free to encourage talented writers to submit to be a Featured Writer.

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